Cementos Argos reduces costs and optimizes printing and peripherals platform with Managed print Services

Client: Cementos Argos, Colombia Industry: Manufacturing Solution: Managed print Services


Cementos Argos entrusted SONDA with the deployment of a fully Outsourced printing service (Managed print Services). The aim was to reap the benefits of a balanced printing system, which adequately covered the requirements for each existing business process in the company.

Client Profile

Cementos Argos is a leader in Colombia’s cement industry with 51% of the market, and is the fifth largest cement producer in Latin America, with investments in Panama, Venezuela, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It is the sixth largest cement producer in the United States, and exports cement and clinker to 27 countries.


Business Need

The challenges of sustained growth

In May 2005 Cementos Argos decided to Outsource its printing services, since it was progressing with the merger of 8 affiliated cement companies (Cementos del Caribe, Cementos del Valle, Cementos Paz del Río, Cementos Rio Claro, Colclinker, Tolcemento, Cementos El Cairo and Cementos Nare). The aim was to strengthen its participation in the local market and to ensure its growth abroad.

The company did not have a platform that supported all the functionality included in “Output Management” (printing, scanning, faxing and copying). The existing base was not suitable for these requirements and some technology assets were obsolete with respect to their laser printing infrastructure, which could jeopardize an important component of the technological integration that had already started in various parts of the organization.

To meet this challenge, the SONDA proposal was to design, supply, implement and operate a printing solution. Its prominent features included the ability to produce laser documents from their ERP application (Enterprise Resources Planning) Oracle Peoplesoft, at the speed required for each business process, thus improving productivity. This technological renewal could be supplied as part of the Outsourced service.


Complete and guaranteed service

The proposed printing platform is composed of 250 new printers, 53 adopted HP printers, 27 adopted non-HP printers and 50 Epson matrix printers with narrow carriages at the request of Argos, including backup equipment. Currently there are 464 printers (including those in production and for contingencies).

Furthermore, SONDA manages the service through a project coordinator and 10 specialized printing technicians located at different facilities across the country. Currently there are 12 technicians across the country.

Other services covered are: service management using the Megatrack tool, which is considered “state of the art” in accounting for print work, and is fully optimized for an HP platform; 14 print servers that manage print queues, and run the HP Megatrack WebJet Admin software that manages devices; corrective and preventative technical services for these printers and servers; toner, cartridges, maintenance kits, reams of stationery and the spare parts needed to optimally and continually operate this printing service.


The Managed print Services solution provides reliable information about the behavior and volume of printed data at Cementos Argos. Printing platform indicators allow savings campaigns to be launched, and the respective corrections can be quickly and efficiently implemented. Furthermore, coverage across the different business units has increased due to the installation of large volume multifunctional equipment, which results in greater profitability and productivity for each business.


  • We are a qualified HP Partner.
  • We manage over 460 production and contingency printers.
  • We provide technical support.